Privacy door knob hanger – activity

Students create a privacy door knob hanger to further their understanding of private spaces.

Original author:
University of the Sunshine Coast
Time required:
30 minutes
School years 3-5
Relates to these Orbit sections:
Chapter 1, Robot factory mini-game
Relates to these Orbit key concepts:
Public and private spaces
Curricular area:
Health and Physical Education, the Arts
Content types:
door knob hanger, private spaces

Purpose: To further students understanding of private spaces by creating a privacy door knob hanger for their room.

Materials required:


Use the door hanger template to create a privacy sign that can be used on private spaces. The door knob hanger indicates that the person in the room is entitled to 20 minutes of privacy. Children can decorate their hanger as an art activity.

Resource Files:

Privacy door knob hanger template