Revising bribes, tricks, secrets and coercion – activity

Students create a revision chart about the offender tactics bribes, tricks, secrets and coercion.

Original author:
University of the Sunshine Coast
Time required:
1 hour
School years 3-5
Relates to these Orbit sections:
Need to Tell Machine (levels 1 – 4)
Relates to these Orbit key concepts:
Offender tactics, “need to tell” situations
Curricular area:
Health and Physical Education, Personal and social capability
Content types:
offender tactics, revision chart

Purpose:To further students understanding of the offender tactics: bribes, tricks, secrets and coercion.

Materials required:

Use the Rho says handout to revise the meanings of bribes, tricks, secrets and coercion. Note: The text appearing on the Rho says handout is the text used at the end of each level of the “need to tell” machine.

Each small group rules an A3 piece of paper into 4 quandrants. Label the first quadrant “Bribes”, the second quadrant “Tricks”, the third quadrant “Secrets” and the fourth quadrant “Coercion”. Students work in small groups to create a chart that records what they have learnt about each of the four concepts: bribes, tricks, secrets, and coercion.

Resource Files:
Rho says handout