Need to tell?

If you have experienced child sexual abuse (if someone has broken the body rules) or any form of child abuse it is important to tell a trusted adult and to keep telling until someone can help keep you safe. The Orbit team understands this might be a difficult thing to talk about so there are a few things we would like you to know.

Child sexual abuse is never the fault of the child. You have a right to feel safe all the time. You have a right to privacy and for the things you think and feel to be respected. You don’t have to keep the secret anymore. You may have been told that no one will believe you, or that you or someone you love will be hurt if you tell.  These are tactics (tricks) that some adults use when they are doing something they want to be kept secret. There are people who will believe you!

If you are ready to tell, think about who is available to you and how you might contact them. Can you reach them by phone, in person, by letter, text or email? Sometimes talking things through with a friend is helpful; however it is an adult’s job to keep children safe so the team at Orbit would like you to consider telling your trusted adult network as well.

There are people whose job is to protect children. They are called child protection workers. They are specially employed to believe kids when they disclose abuse and they will help to try to keep you safe. You can contact a child protection worker on 1300 703 921 (Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia).

Other contact & support services

Queensland Police Service
Tel: 000 (Australian national emergency number)
for urgent and life threatening incidents.

Tel: 131 444 (PoliceLink) or
Tel: 1 800 333 000 (Crime Stoppers)
for non‐urgent matters or to have local police contact you phone

Child Safety Services (Queensland, Australia)
Tel: 1300 703 921 (North Coast Regional Intake Service)

Other Australian support services
National Child Abuse Prevention Helpline: (Australia) 1800 991 099
Kids Help Line (Australia): 1800 551 800